Murree & Galliyats

Are you looking to go on some adventurous hill station tour? Some of the places are more near to you than you think. Yes, you guessed right its Murree. Murree is located on the Pir Panjal Range in Rawalpindi District in Punjab, Pakistan. It is almost 30 KM from the Islamabad city. Murree is a popular tourist attraction since British India and still popular as a hill station among tourists because of its natural beauty and pleasant summer season and British Raj architecture. It has an average altitude of 2,291 meters (7,516 feet). Murree isn’t a small town; it has many great points to explore such as Mall road, Kashmir point, Nathiyagali, New Murree, Burban, Ayubia, Pindi Point, Gora Gali are the main attraction among tourists.
Safety: Murree is a very safe destination for travelling as people are best known for their hospitality.
Money: Pakistan Rupees, All International Credit Card (Visa; Master Card) are accepted as the ATMs are available.
Shopping: A variety of local and branded shops are located in the vicinity of Mall road which is one of the biggest attraction points in this area.


Travel Highlights Of Murree and the Galliyats

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Transport In Murree and the Galliyats

To explore these attraction points you can use public transport, personal transport, and airport and rail link. All roads are single lane and too narrow except Islamabad-Murree highway which is two lane road. And if you are hiring taxi or jeep to roam in Murree hire a skilled driver to move in the mountains.



Weather In Murree and the Galliyats

Murree is a subtropical highland climate under the Köppen climate classification. It is present in the outer Himalayas, at high altitude. Hence, this area has cold, snowy winters, relatively cool summer season with heavy downpours and frequent fog, as compared to areas with low altitudes, and. Precipitation is present in all the seasons, with two peaks, first one during the winter season and the second one in summers from July to August. On average weather remain 16-25 centigrade in Murree all the year round.

Places To Visit In Murree and the Galliyats

Mall Road

  • Mall road is the first and foremost popular tourist attraction point in Murree. Mall road is one of the most popular shopping places in Murree. Mall road market place is famous for its traditional & antique items like gemstones and jewellery, handcrafted items and handcrafted shawls and other ample materials to buy. On the hand, Mall road is a stretch of road, where people walk and enjoy the summers and the winters. Restaurants, Children Park, and other refreshment centres add taste and pleasure to their walk.


  • Nathiagali is another destination to visit which is located in the Murree District This hill station is 35 kilometers from Murree and its altitude 8400 ft. Further, the Nathiagali presents mesmerizing views of snow-capped peaks of Kashmir and Kohistan. When the weather is clear gigantic mountains of Nanga Parbat can be clearly seen from here.


  • Rich green mountainous hill station with pleasant climate attracts thousands of national and international tourists each year. Here you can feel the beauty of its lush green landscapes along with a pleasant environment that is full of calmness. Bhurban is located in between Murree and Kashmir Road at a height of almost 6000 ft. It has recently been made easily accessible by the Islamabad-Murree Expressway, making it a 45-minute drive from Islamabad Pakistan.



  • Another tourist destination in Murree and Galliyats is Ayubia it is the popular visited picnic spot after Nathiagali. Here you can visit Ayubia National Park which is located at the height of 1,050 meters. Additionally, it is spread over 3,027 meters at the It is present at the top of mountains present within the valley

Restaurants In Murree and the Galliyats

Hotel One

Hotel One

  • Hotel One  is located in Murree. Experience the rich culture of taste and hospitality here with an array of cuisines and exemplary settings this restaurant can satisfy all your food temptations. This eatery is an excellent choice for families, tourists and business meetups looking for a relishing breakfast, lunch or dinner. Guests at this beanery can savor various types of foods from continental, Chinese, Italian, and Pakistani to vegetarian. Visitors and guests feel satisfied with this restaurant in terms of ambiance, location, service, food quality and value as compared to other restaurants in the Murree.

Hotels In Murree and the Galliyats

Pearl Continental Bhurban

Pearl Continental Bhurban

  • 1 Day (s)
  • From PKR: 16000
  • Pearl Continental Hotel- Mount Pleasant Apartments is one of several resorts in Bhurban...

Lockwood Hotel

Lockwood Hotel

  • 1 Day (s)
  • From PKR: 15000
  • The Mall road is two minute's walk from the Lockwood Hotel. The Lockwood Hotel prov...