Kaghan & Naran Valley

While travelling to Naran & Kaghan Valley, camping could be a soul-full activity. In these valleys, travellers can feel a bright sky chock-full of stars, at night. They can also relish the majestic landscape of early sunrise; the scene of the lakes and encompassing hills, especially the most enchanting view of Malika Parbat.

There are many safe places in Naran and Kaghan valleys. The choice depends on personal preferences and time of your visit. If you plan camping while visiting Naran valley tourists and hikers can take their own tents and related equipment and accessories, but no worries you can get camping essentials there on rent too. There are many camping sites in the Kaghan and Naran Valley, where tourists can camp in the summer season. These camping spots are best in Kaghan & Naran valleys' adjoining areas; Naran riverside, Babusar top, Lalazar, beginning routes towards Lake Saiful Muluk, alongside the Lulusar Lake and Dudipatsar Lake.

Location: These valleys are situated at a distance of roughly 85 kilometres from Balakot. As this town is situated on the bank of Kunhar River which makes it an ideal place for trout fishing and camping.

Height: It is elevated at a height of 7,888 feet above sea level.

Ideal Camping Time: Ideal camping time is from June till 14th of August.

Recommended Gear: If you planned for camping while visiting these Valleys, you must carry the essential baggage, equipment and accessories with you that include: a large back-pack with all required trekking equipment, sleeping bag, a folding mattress, pair of shoes for trekking with an enduring rubber sole, waterproof jacket and trousers, 2-3 pairs of full-length trousers & full sleeves shirts, about 4 pairs of socks, woolen cap, pair of waterproof gloves, goggles, hiking stick, emergency light, water bottles, essential medical kit, toiletries etc to make your adventure more ecstatic.