Eagle’s Nest/ Duikar

Duikar aka Eagle’s Nest is the highest point of Hunza Valley from where the whole valley is can view from above. There are high peaks all around it. Fascinating sunsets and sunrises can be witnessed from here which makes it an amazing camping site.

At night the sky spellbinds you with thousands of stars in sheer darkness, as Duikar does not have any city near it. When a camp is set up in Eagle’s Nest, the enchanting beauty of the place creates an illusionary scene with the sparkling stars shedding light on the mountains and enhancing its details. Milky Way, a rare but magnificent site can also be witnessed here.

To reach this point that is 10000 feet above the sea level, tourists can hire a jeep from Hunza. Private transport can also be booked to experience the once in a lifetime kind of experience.