Deosai Plains (Skardu)

Deosai is the second greatest elevation in the world, it is one of the most inspiring and wonderful plains. Situated between Indus River and the southern branch of Himalayan Range, it is located near Tibetan Plateau. Deosai National Park spread over 3000 square kilometres is the central sightseer affinity location with its abundant flora and fauna where you can experience wildlife and variety of enchanting flowers in their natural habitats. Furthermore, the magical glimpse of Milky Way on a cloudless night leaves eyes dazed. It attracts photographers too from all over the world to seize the heavenly wonders in their photographs.

Camping in Deosai could be a soul-enriching venture if you plan to visit this occult wonderland. There are 5 major camping spots in Deosai; Dusai top, Shannon naila, Bara Pani, Kalapani and Shoshar.

Location: It is located within Skardu District in Gilgit Baltistan.

Height: It is elevated almost 13,497 feet above sea level, and considered as the second highest plateaus in the world.

Best time for camping & visiting: May-August is the best months to visit Deosai where you can find the World’s highest meadows on its peak of efflorescence and elegance. Later at the end of the summers snowfall hits the plain and everything gets jam. Massive snowfall hinders the ways and low temperatures bring life to the halt.

Means of transportation: Some pieces of roads are in good condition while often you will find rough patches on your route to Deosai. Therefore, it is advised to rent a jeep but you can drive yourself if you have a car in good conditions coupled with tolerance to drive.